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Tianlong tennis elite training camp, the results of youth point Ranking Competition (finals) have been announced!

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In 2021, the results of youth points ranking competition (finals) in Tianlong tennis elite training camp in Wenzhou were announced!



        Yesterday (January 24, 2022), the 2021 youth points ranking competition (finals) of Wenzhou Tianlong tennis elite training camp came to an end at Wenzhou International Tennis Center. After a day of fierce competition, the annual championship of five groups was finally determined: short net group, green ball group, standard net 3.0 group, standard net 3.5 group and standard net 4.0 group.


      According to the relevant person in charge of the sponsor teloon brand, the 2021 Tianlong youth finals was originally planned to be held in December 2021. Due to the impact of the epidemic, it was postponed to January 24, 2022. Although this event encountered some difficulties on the way, with the support of leaders at all levels and the joint efforts of all referees and athletes, it ensured the safe and smooth holding of the game. The success of this event is of great significance to promote the construction of smart sports in Wenzhou.


      In order to hold the competition safely, as the sponsor, Tianlong tennis (teloon brand) jointly developed a perfect epidemic prevention plan with kaihong sports before the competition. The referee is strict and clear, creating a fair competition environment for small athletes, showing the competitive level of Wenzhou youth tennis, and providing a good opportunity to select excellent tennis seedlings in Wenzhou.



      Teenagers are the future of Wenzhou tennis. Tianlong teloon brand funded the competition, hoping to promote and develop Wenzhou youth tennis and build Wenzhou youth tennis brand competition.



      At the award ceremony, Chen Xu, chairman of Zhejiang Tianlong tennis Co., Ltd., said that in the future, Tianlong will continue to support all kinds of youth tennis events, strive to promote the overall improvement of Wenzhou tennis competitive level, transport high-level excellent tennis reserve talents for Wenzhou and contribute to the sports development of Wenzhou.

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